Components: We sell a wide range of components used for many different types of computers such as graphics cards, upgrade kits and cases + many more. We cater for the Gamer’s, Enthusiasts, Developers and Designers etc.

The components we sell are used in many of our builds in which we ensure proper quality from our trusted suppliers. We try our best to keep pricing low and affordable.

We also sell network related hardware such as routers, switches and cables with management organization tricks, we can also get custom lengths to the size you require no matter the distance. Most LAN and WAN related hardware we can provide, if we do not store it with us we can order the parts for you at your convenience.

Custom built computers

Workstations: we offer a wide range of affordable workstations to suit your needs, they can be custom made to the working environment you are in. For example, we can cater from software developing to the technical side of computer usage. Or should you wish to have a entry-level computer to do simple tasks such as email, web surfing and business processing. We have many options to choose from based on your needs.

Professional: we also put together professional builds made just for you, we ask for your preference and what you would like to focus on in regards to performance. There are also many pre-built computers specifically designed to tackle key areas such as design, video encoding and even server setups + many more.

Gaming : If you want to become a professional gamer or just looking for that perfect budget gaming rig, we offer some of the best parts at great value. You can buy the parts separately or even request your dream machine and we will build it for you! We will build and run full testing on it before you receive it to make sure it is setup at the optimal performance to give you the best possible experience. If you already have a system and wish to upgrade it, we can do the upgrades to your liking with the new parts and clean the old to make them feel good as new to.